In order to have a comfortable and safe time in “Veranda on the river”, please abide by our rules:

  1. We are glad to see you daily

    Mon-Sun 12:00 - 22:00

  2. The following persons are not allowed in "Veranda on the river":
    • Those in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.;
    • Aggressively behaving towards other guests or restaurant personnel.;
    • Suspected of using or distributing narcotic substances, or weapons.;
    • Suspected of unlawful acts against other guests of the restaurant, staff or property.;
  3. Veranda on the river restaurant and Veranda Terrace do not sell alcoholic beverages or hookahs to minors (under 18 years of age) according to the current law, and the staff may ask to present identity documents. The administration of the restaurant can also refuse to provide the aforementioned services to persons under 23 years of age without giving any reason.
  4. Our dress code is as follows:
    • Clothing should be clean and tidy. There are no particular stylistic preferences;

      - Untidy, torn or dirty clothes and shoes are prohibited

      – as is sportswear on weekdays and Saturday

      – after 18:00

      It is strictly prohibited to enter the restaurant in sports shorts, T-shirts, flip flops throughout the week.

  5. In "Veranda on the river" it is prohibited:
    • To carry into the restaurant fire and melee weapons and other various types of protective equipment (gas sprays, shockers, etc.);
    • Move around the restaurant hall with glassware, drinks, lit cigarettes and other items;
    • Take the dishware out of the restaurant;
    • Have minors unaccompanied in the evening. The internal control service and the administration are entitled to refuse entry to our restaurant without giving reasons;
    • Carry, distribute and use narcotic and psychotropic substances;
    • Carry alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food;
    • Take unauthorized photos and videos in the territory of the restaurant;
    • Be in outerwear and with large-sized items;
    • Disturb the public order and peace of other visitors;
    • Cause material damage to the restaurant, its staff and other visitors;
    • Gamble (cards, backgammon, etc.).;
  6. If you violate the rules of the visit, the administration reserves the right to make a hidden video of the offender. For all questions regarding these issues, please contact the manager.
  7. In order to avoid conflict over the cost of ordered drinks and other items from the bar, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the proposed menu before placing an order.
  8. Persons observed in antisocial behavior and creating conflicts in the territory of the restaurant will be put on the ‘the black list’ and denied entry into the restaurant.
  9. The internal control service has the right to remove the guest from the restaurant without giving a reason. All of the above rules are mandatory for your comfort and safety in our restaurant!

All of the above rules are mandatory for your comfortable rest in a restaurant!