on the river

February 15-17 at the Veranda on the river party in the style of Chicago!

America of the 30s bursts with chic, glitter and beautiful music! Elegant, flawless ladies and gallant, strong man - this is your time! Among the lights of spotlights, under sensual melodies - the time of enchanting tango! An unforgettable evening awaits you on the bank of the Dnieper!

February 28 at Veranda on the river - DASHA SUVOROVA!

The drama queen, poetess, author and performer Dasha Suvorova will present an acoustic concert! The real popularity of Dasha Suvorova brought the hit "Put Bastu" - she was recognized as the leader of the charts for a record 20 weeks. Her songs are becoming popular ringback tones and get a “golden status” with 100 thousand sales. Songs that make goosebumps and the heart beats more often. In a charming atmosphere on the banks of the Dnieper.


Dear our beloved, we invite you to meet Valentine's Day at Veranda on the river! February 14 will be the most magical day in the atmosphere on the banks of the Dnieper! This evening for the famous pianist Yevgeny Khmara, winner of the Hollywood improvisers award. In a duet with him charming music will be presented by one of the brightest participants of “The Voice of the Country” - Martha Adamchuk. An extraordinary show will make the illusionist believe in miracles. We start to celebrate Valentine's Day from 14:00 to instrumental melodies on Veranda on the river. And let this day the love thrill flare up with a new force, and all the confessions


One of the most important holidays of the year - let us meet the baptism together! Already at 11 am, according to tradition, together with you plunge into a hole. At the same time, we guarantee safe swimming in the intimate atmosphere of friends and relatives. And then proceed to a pleasant treats - traditional horseradish, tasty mulled wine and Ukrainian snacks. The highlight of the program is the aromatic pilaf according to the family recipe from chef Sergey Bashinsky. A bright holiday in the historical center of Kiev on the bank of the Dnieper - we are already waiting for you on the deck of Veranda on the river!