on the river


October 11-12 at Veranda on the river – Ukrainian weekend!

Mid-autumn inspired us to create a themed weekend in a national style. You will find pleasant live music and a weekend in real Ukrainian traditions. Outside the window is a beautiful golden time, sunlit Kyiv and the shining Dnipro. Invite your loved ones to spend time in a heartwarming atmosphere on the banks of the river!

October 5 – Teacher's day on Veranda on the river!

Celebrate Teacher's Day together! The diners of the restaurant awaits the author's party, dedicated to the world holiday. In the evening they will sing for you: Nazar Ilchin, Lisa Bajrak, Slava Shklyar, Nastya Groshko, Nati Reznik, Elena Nosalii, Slava Yarmak. Charming live music, a wonderful dinner in the company of loved ones – we are waiting for you and yours family on Veranda on the river! Beginning at 20:00.

October 4, we present the exclusive Veranda Show!

The legendary production with the participation of famous dancers and vocalists. This evening you will become part of a bright performance. For you will perform: Slava Ox, Vova Spas, Kolin, Divki Show, Black Sugar Band, Rad Royal, Radioboy, Teez! A play of music and light, fantastic plastic arts and choreography – you cannot miss it! Spend this weekend with Veranda on the river!

20-21 сентября на Veranda on the river – USA WEEKEND!

Динамичная музыка, настроение танцевать и радоваться жизни – здесь, в эти выходные на берегу Днепра! Уикенд в американском стиле продолжает серию авторских вечеринок AROUND THE WORLD! Мы знакомим вас с традициями, костюмами и музыкой разных стран мира. И в этот раз мы совершаем путешествие к западному полушарию! Успейте забронировать стол!