on the river


July 19 at Veranda Terrace – RUMBERO'S SHOW!

Waiting for you bright performance from one and only Latin American group in Ukraine – Rumbero's!!! They will show their crazy numbers Chikabella, Mi Musica, Lena and others who have already won the love of the public from all over the country! Bright performances, incendiary rhythms and unique energy will not leave "in place" any. If you want to indulge in the world of this carnival, you come to us! Spend this summer day in an incredible mood! Have time to book your table by phone: +38 068 300 98 98.

July 18 at the Veranda Terrace – ZEMFIRA TRIBUTE SHOW!

Special guest: participant of "The Voice of the Country" Anastasiya Groshko & Big Feathers. Zemfira is called the living legend of the era.Her songs unite generations and always cause goosebumps. Soulful melodies, that then don't go out of your head for a long time,genius poems and extraordinary music – that made Zemfira's work a phenomenon of the century. It's time to join in singing these songs under the stars. Invite to Veranda Terrace those, close to your heart.

July 13 We again present the Veranda Show!

Guests of the restaurant are waiting for a stunning performance! The show on world canons with the best music and light. On the Veranda stage you will see a complex and impressive choreographic production. In addition to amazing vocals! For you this evening will perform: Slava Ox, Anna Kuksa, Irina Tilnaya, Yulia Mishenko, Andrey Ulyianov, Oleg Guyzhevskiy, Marina Bobrova, Lena Chumachenko, Katy Radyshevskaya, Zinchenko Roman. Have time to book your table!

12-13 июля на Veranda on the river – GREEK WEEKEND!

Отмечаем выходные с греческим колоритом – с традиционными величественными танцами и восхитительной музыкой. Эта серия вечеринок продолжает наш легендарный цикл AROUND THE WORLD. На этот раз мы погружаемся в эпоху античности и красоты вместе с Banksie Party Band, Inna Voronova, Slava Shklyar, Masha Mira, Dj Diresh, Show Ballet. Успейте забронировать стол!