on the river


6-7 марта – SPRING WEEKEND на Veranda on the river!

Весна – для любви, вдохновения, радости и хорошей музыки! Мы объявляем выходные, которые будут согреты прекрасной музыкой и впечатляющим шоу! Для вас выступят любимые резиденты: Nazar Ilchyshen, Stasy Band, Teez, Slava Yarmak, Rubtsova, Irina Ostrovskaya, Levit, Vova Spas, Slava Ox, Kolin, Gio, Elena Tolstonogova. Бронируйте столы заранее!

March 8 We have prepared a special program for the guests!

The star of the "Voice of the country" project and a participant in the "Women's Quarter" project, Marta Adamchuk will perform on the first deck with a tribute show. Guests will hear the most romantic songs of Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum. An incendiary cover band Bangladesh Orchestra will perform on the second deck. The musicians have prepared a special program “Marry me!”. You will hear the most favourite songs, the most famous hits about love! Toward the night DJ set from Rad Royal. In the evening, the show for all guests performed by a star trio, as well as Divki ballet.

13-14 березня – розкішні, гучні, музичні СТИЛЯГИ на Veranda on the river!

Вечірка для тих, хто хоче танцювати під зірками з чудовою музикою і улюбленими друзями на березі Дніпра! Золоті хіти, стильні костюми, шик того часу – вже в наступний вїкенд. Не уявляємо перфоманс без улюблених резидентів: Radioboy band, Vladimir Morochkovskiy, G Sound, Rad Royal, Neiba, Kolin, Slava Ox, Vova Spas, Alina Sax, Vova Shklyar, Elena Tolstonogova, Masha Mira, Show ballet. Встигніть забронювати столи!

March 17 – NENSI on Veranda on the river!

NENSI is rightfully called the legend of the era. NENSI had gathered arenas and huge concert venues in the CIS countries. Millions of people have become fans of this group. The fame of the group does not cease and is gaining a new sound. This music is called menthol. The army of fans loves and recalls these incredible hits. NENSI 's YouTube videos have collected nearly 150 million views, and these figures will only keep growing. The concert of the famous band on Veranda on the river is a unique opportunity to hear them in person. Favourite songs and iconic compositions: “Smoke of Menthol Cigarettes ( «Dym sigaret s mentolom»)”, “Blank Sheet”(«Chistyi list»,), “Black Cadillac”(«Chernyi kadillak»), “Hotel”(«Otel»,), “Fog”(«Tuman»), “How I Loved You”(«Kak ya lyubil tebya»). Do not miss the exclusive performance of the popular group!